People with Talent, Education, dedication to the task and work ethic are in short supply and global demand! Digital workspaces, financial services, and global payments have accepted that working from home is the new normal.
Boarders are opening in response to labour demands and adjusting to migration trends.
Africa offers unparalleled opportunities with a very young, well-educated, hard-working, responsible workforce and low salary brackets. European time zones and English, French, and Portuguese mother tongues add to this global opportunity.
REdy talent is delighted to support clients globally to find the right candidate for your company.
REdy Talent is a Pan-African online organization which seeks to give African’s international opportunities relating to job and skills building. We provide both Remote and In-Person jobs and there is no fee charged for registration or other processes.


Global MBA

We recognize the importance of staying ahead in your career while still maintaining your work-life balance. REdy Africa in partnership with SRH DLU grants you the opportunity to pursue an online MBA in English from an accredited German University.
SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University is a German distance-learning university of applied sciences with over 25 years of experience and government recognition.
SRH DLU is permanently system-accredited and has been voted Germany’s most popular distance-learning university for five years in a row (2019-2023).
After completing your studies, you are eligible to apply for a 6-month job seeking visa in Germany Find out more about our Global MBA program today!

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